About the Unda Numbers

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About the Unda Numbers

I prescribe the Unda numbered compounds for many of my patients as part of their treatment plan. I have been using them for over 10 years, and found them to be particularly effective in resolving deep issues over months, or taking care of acute symptoms quickly. 

They are almost always a part of the system of Individualized Medicine that I learned from my mentor, the French homeopathic doctor, Dr. Gueniot, MD.

I compiled this information for those who are curious where they came from and how they work:

How did the UNDA numbered remedies come about?
How do they fit into homeopathic prescribing?
What is in the UNDA remedies?
How do the UNDA remedies work?
How are the UNDA numbers chosen?
How to take the UNDA remedies. 

How did the UNDA numbered remedies come about?

The UNDA remedies are carefully constructed combinations of low potency homeopathic remedies. Instead of names, they are given numbers to designate the combinations. There are 76 combinations that are in use today. They were developed in Europe by collaboration. Dr. Discri published a work describing them in 1937 after having worked with them for over 15 years.

A pharmacy in Belgium was responsible for making the combinations, and that evolved to the UNDA company in 1949, where they are made to this day. The operations of the company reflect exacting selection, processing, and production of the plants and metals necessary to produce a product which is tested with highly technical equipment to assure consistency of product and therefore predictable effectiveness of use.

The name UNDA was chosen to represent undulating water waves (that carry subtle medicinal information.)

How do they fit into Homeopathic prescribing?

The UNDA numbers are prescribed according to the patient’s symptoms, that is, how the sickness is manifesting in the individual. They are compatible with single remedy homeopathy, in fact, they facilitate the action of single remedies prescribed.

They may be used both as a preparation for further homeopathic prescribing in order to clear the symptom picture, and concurrently with low-dose homeopathic remedies in order to avoid an aggravation of the symptoms. Samuel Hahnemann himself, the founder of Homeopathy, often used initial targeted remedies to clear the symptom picture before going on to prescribe more specific remedies.

What is in the UNDA remedies?

The remedies are a combination of plant remedies in homeopathic dilution, usually 3x to 6x, that have an affinity for specific organ systems. At that potency, you can still taste the plant, so each remedy has a distinct taste, although not as strong as an herbal tincture.

These plants are traditionally known and used by herbalists, and have similar effects homeopathically. For example, chelidonium (celadine) and taraxacum (dandelion) are liver herbs, asparagus and juniperus (Jumiper) are for the kidneys, valariana (valerian) is for the nervous system and verbascum (mullein) is for the lungs. They are put in combination in the UNDA remedies to create a synergistic effect.

Certain remedies also contain in their make-up a pure metal (molecularly unattached to anything else) such as copper, gold, silver, or lead. The metal is at a concentration present within the cells of the body, usually 12x. The metal is fixed to the plants during the process of making the remedy.

The plants deliver the specific metal to the cells of the targeted organ system. There the cells accept the metal to use in various ways, mostly for bumping out misplaced metals and other toxins, so the parts can function without being gummed up by them. One example is the delivery of copper to the inner membrane particles of the mitochondria, which needs it for a complex reaction involving the production of energy.

How do the UNDA remedies work?

Use of the UNDA numbers encourages restoration of normal function, which is the aim of natural medicine. They do this in five ways:

  1. Support the detoxification systems within each cell and the detoxifying organ systems such as the liver and kidneys
  2. Balance the homeostatic systems (those that seek to regulate the body: the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the cardiovascular system)
  3. Boost the efficiency of natural immunity (keeping out what is harmful at the level of the skin and mucous membranes, mounting a fever as a response to an infection, and eliminating toxic wastes)
  4. Intervene in cases of a disease which is manifesting, by restoring a healthy way of functioning thereby reducing then eliminating the disease manifestations
  5. Facilitate the action of single homeopathic remedies prescribed with them

One way the UNDA numbers work is that they encourage elimination through the body’s detoxification systems. You see, all cells require a specific environment with individualized nutrients, a narrow range of acid-base level, and the proper elimination of wastes to survive and function properly. Without efficient removal of wastes, the cell would function less than adequately or even die.

The effectiveness of the UNDA Numbers lies in their ability to reverse the process of toxic accumulations. These may be accumulations of material generated within the body by such things as stress, inadequate nutrition, or inadequate elimination. They may also be accumulations of materials such as metabolites from unassimilated synthetic medications such as antibiotics, or heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, and other pollutants.

This toxic accumulation suggests a need for cleansing at the intracellular level. This is different from other forms of detoxification such as fasting, colonics, herbal gall bladder flush, herbal remedies, vitamin and mineral therapies, and IV or oral chelation. The action of those therapies is mainly to discharge wastes that are already outside the cells and get it out of the body.

The UNDA remedies allow the optimal function of the liver, kidneys, and other organs of elimination (such as intestines, skin, lungs, urinary bladder, and the mucous membranes of the stomach, pancreas and genitals.) Then they draw toxins from inside the cells and enhance the free movement of toxins towards these outlets.

In the case of chronic disease, the UNDA Numbers permit drainage of congested diseased organs that have lost part of their function. The deep cleansing action allows them to enhance the enzyme systems to return tissues to effective function that is essential for the return to health.

In addition, the intracellular cleansing normalizes function of the glandular system, nervous system and heart and circulatory system. These systems are responsible for regulating the whole body.

How are the UNDA number chosen?

The UNDA Numbers are prescribed according to an assessment of organ systems.

In chronic conditions they are able to get to the original cause of the disease because they drain the cells of their toxic accumulations. They are chosen according to their complementary actions, and usually three remedies are prescribed together.

In acute conditions, the UNDA numbers have a detoxifying effect by making a fever efficient and opening the pathways of elimination and draining the organs. The result is that the body can rapidly reestablish equilibrium and avoid debilitating consequences.

How To Take The UNDA Remedies

Acute Conditions:

7 drops of each remedy under the tongue 6 times a day.
Reduce the dosage as improvement occurs.

Chronic Conditions:

7 drops of each remedy under the tongue morning and evening
In certain cases, 5 drops of each remedy under the tongue three times a day is recommended

  • Dosed this way, the bottles will last three weeks. The fourth week of the month no remedies are taken. Then there is a re-evaluation.
  • The drops will flow from the bottle when it is at an angle upside down and there is no need to shake the bottle. It is easy to count them if you let them drop in a spoon. You may also place the drops in a small amount of purified water. The water must be cooler than 120 degrees F, or the remedy will be inactivated.
  • Do not mix all the remedies together, either in a spoon or in water. Do each sequentially. You do not have to wait between remedies. Think of it like giving your body information in the form of one sentence after another. You would not understand if you heard three different sentences at the same time.
  • Always take the UNDA Numbers at least 15 minutes away from other foods, medicines, or anything that may leave a residual taste in your mouth, like toothpaste.
  • Always store your UNDA Number remedies away from strong smelling substances. Also avoid strong light and heat, as well as electromagnetic fields such as around computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment. As far as x-rays, such as in airport security systems, it has been shown that the remedies stay potent several passes through them. 

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About the Unda Numbers — 27 Comments

  1. Congrats, Dr. Cheryl! The new website is lovely. Your long and hard efforts have resulted in an informative as well as good-looking communications tool. Enjoy! Blessings, Joyce

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  3. Hi Dr. Cheryl,
    Just wondering if there are any side effects from the drops? Since it is a detox, can it create headaches and joint pains?? I am in cancer therapy for Lymphoma, and the Rituxan hits me like a truck. I don’t want to add any more issues! Thanks much for your helpful site.
    Nina G.

    • Hi Nina

      Thanks for asking about the Unda numbers for detox. The whole point of using gentle cellular drainage is to guide the toxins out, so that they do not recirculate and create the headache, joint pains and lousy feeling. So that means that the organs of elimination – colon, kidneys, lungs, and so on must be open and working efficiently. That said, the number of drops has to be adjusted to the body’s level of toxicity so that it can handle what is is being asked to eliminate. That is why they are used as part of a health plan from a Health Professional.

      In health, Dr. Cheryl

      • Thank you much for your reply! (Now I have a rash from head to toe, on top of all the aches. Whew…. i will get through this!)

  4. I have been on the UNDA remedies 1, 20 and 258 for 13 days now and have developed a very painful bladder irritation (or infection). Could this possibly be a side effect of the remedies as toxins are released into my system?

    • Hi Heather,
      It is very important that you consult a Healthcare professional proficient in prescribing the Unda numbered compounds before taking them. That way when changes happen, you can be followed. Since I was not that professional, I have no idea of your health history and why you are taking those numbered compounds. Therefore, I cannot comment and refer you back to the person prescribing them.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

  5. Is there any way to boil the alcohol out of these? I have terrible Histamine Intolerance and the alcohol causes headaches and bothers my gut. I know you mentioned that the water can’t be over 120 degrees so I’m not sure how to take these without taking in the alcohol. I am very sensitive.

    • Hi Nicky
      The alcohol in the Unda numbers is a part of the medication – it cannot be boiled out and still have the remedy. The remedies do not need to be taken orally. Do you get the same reaction if you rub it on thin skin? Dilute it in lots of water (one drop in a gallon?)

      If you are still sensitive I would recommend a different treatment approach using Biotherapeutic Drainage with single remedies.
      In health,
      dr. Cheryl

  6. Will unda help to recover from heart attack, high blood pressure,weak heart? If it will help what are the numbers to be used,how much, how often and for how long?
    Thanksent much for your advices, very interesting information.

    • The Unda numbers can help just about any condition, including heart attack recovery and high blood pressure. The best way is to find a practitioner that does Biotherapeutic Drainage with the Unda Numbers, because each treatment is individualized. It is important to have someone who is trained in their use to choose the numbers and monitor your response. The choice of numbers is determined by the way you manifest the illness, not your condition.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

  7. I just saw a Naturopathic Dr. She gave me UNDA, but they are not seperate. The bottle states: 20, 228, 243. 5 drops, 3 times per day. The instructions say to take them seperately, but they only gave me one bottle. I will be contacting them asap due to your article.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. What is not included in this article is the fact that practitioners who use the UNDA numbers use them many different ways. I was trained the way I wrote about in the article, but in fact, my mentor actually put all the contents of the bottles together in one bottle for convenience and therefore compliance of the patient. I like to see just a little more time and ritual involved to enhance the effect.

      That said, it sounds like you might have been tested with an electroacupuncture machine and determined that you needed those numbers. There are machines that have the UNDA numbers in their database, and the practitioner can determine what you need by testing, often by you holding electrodes, and put the energy signal of that homeopathic remedy in a bottle to be taken orally. In that case, they would be all together.

      Whichever way they were prescribed, know that it is not useful to think you are doing it wrong. The UNDA numbers can be adapted to many needs of patients and styles of practitioners.

  8. Hi Cheryl,

    I’m a naturopathic doctor in Ontario, Canada and have used the Unda remedies for well over 15 years. It completely revolutionized my practice. I love how you describe how and why they work. It’s basically the same as how I describe it to my patients but better. I was Googling the Undas because yesterday I had a patient and I prescribed the Global Drainage remedies and she wanted to research them first. I thought I’d Google them in order to see what may come up when did it. Anyway, I liked your description of the Undas and how they work. Excellent!!

  9. I have been taking UNDA’s 1, 2 and 258 for approximately 10 days. I put them under my tongue & sip a bit of water after. I feel almost woosy afterwards. Realized there was alcohol in them! I am a recovering alcoholic(been sober for 22 years) I am afraid to take these now. Am I at risk taking these? Are they safe for me to take? Thank you!! Very concerned….

    • Hi Liz
      Thank you for your willingness to take the Unda numbers to improve your health. Of course, the person to ask about these issues is the practitioner who prescribed them for you.
      That said, do you eat ripe fruit? The amount of alcohol in 7 – 10 drops of several Unda numbers is about the same as in ripe fruit. Nevertheless, you must feel comfortable taking something with alcohol in it as a long-time sober person. The psychological fact that you are afraid of alcohol may be enough to contraindicate their use in you. It’s up to you.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

    • Hi Puan,
      You can find product information on the Unda Numbers on the website of a distributor. Seroyal distributes these to the USA and Canada. A direct link to the Unda Numbers on their website is http://www.seroyal.com/products/all-products.html?product_category=11493
      The plants listed are in homeopathic dilutions, which means that if you want to know the indication of a particular ingredient, you must look up the homeopathic indication, not the herbal use.
      If you were prescribed these Unda numbers, the ingredients are listed on the box and the label.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

    • Hi Britney,
      The Unda numbers can be used by a trained professional on pregnant women because they know which ones to use and how to modify treatment for pregnancy. The use of the Unda numbers is not contraindicated in pregnancy as long as the practitioner understands the overall treatment objective.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

  10. Dr. Kasdorf, I am intolerant of any amount of alcohol and noted your response to a comment above asking if the alcohol could be boiled off. You suggested applying the remedies to thin skin. I’ve never tried that so don’t know if that would affect me or not.

    In the event that alcohol received in that manner is still problematic, what did you mean when you said, “If you are still sensitive I would recommend a different treatment approach using Biotherapeutic Drainage with single remedies.?” Are you talking about a different product or brand that does not contain alcohol?

    • Hi Sue
      Yes, biotherapeutic drainage is a philosophy of working with homeopathic remedies to make elimination on the cellular level more efficient, and in so doing, allow the body to restore its normal physiology – which is fancy terms to say the you get better as evidenced by your symptoms being relieved. The Unda numbers are one tool for biotherapeutic drainage and single homeopathic remedies can also be used, and I usually use them in combination. Single homeopathic remedies are dispensed either on sugar pellets or in alcohol. The amount of sugar in the pellets is tiny – it is just a carrier for the remedy. The pellets can even be dissolved in water and a spoonful of the water taken as a dose. Unda also makes single homeopathic remedies as well as other companies.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

  11. Hi Dr. Cheryl,
    My wife has a severe case Sciatica and we are now to the point of surgery and she will go in for a consultation in March. Up to now we have done everything that the medical community has ask her to do and to no avail. Which Unda numbers would you suggest she try to get even a small amount of pain relief. We will check with our acupunctrrist who uses the Unda as part of her health regime for my wife. I am trying to get as much input as possible to make an informed decision for my wife.

    • Hi Charles,
      Thank you for your interest in the Unda numbers for biotherapeutic drainage for sciatica. If you health professional acupuncturist uses Unda numbers, s/he should know which ones to use because they match the patient more than the condition. This site is to help by giving information, but I cannot treat through email.
      Did you see the Bowen bodywork pages? This kind of gentle bodywork has worked on my patients to relieve sciatica. The Bowen bodywork works with the soft tissues, facia, muscle and tendons, which is often the cause of the sciatica. Soft tissues dysfunction is not usually seen on the usual imaging of x-ray or MRI so is often missed.
      Best wishes for the relief of your wife’s sciatica.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

  12. Thank you for your informative article describing the UNDA naturopathic system for drainage and elimination. Do you by chance have a list of which UNDA numbers correspond with which body part(s)? Please and thank you. You could send it to me in a PM if you’d like. Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for your interest in biotherapeutic drainage and the Unda numbers. The system of prescribing Unda numbers does not work by matching number to body part. It is a complex system which is taught to health care professionals because it is based on the understanding of Naturopathic and Homeopathic principles. I recommend you finding a professional who uses the Unda numbers in their practice so you can be properly diagnosed, treated and followed.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

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