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Senior Art Show Remembered — 5 Comments

  1. Happy Anniversary! wow, excellent, very talented young one. Love them all. Do you have any of these pieces still? Love the cape, I want one.

  2. I second Anita’s comment! The heartfelt & meticulous way in which you listen so well to the pieces and fragments of all the underlying issues of our manifesting physical ones is amazing! Thank you! I am grateful for your care and spot-on diagnoses over the eight years with you as my doctor. Thank you for sharing your artistic side with us! Jenny

  3. Don’t know how I found this website, but I’m glad I did. Great to know that you are well and happy and still celebrating our art education at Stritch.

    • Hi Dottie,
      It’s been so long!!! My Mom used to send me articles of you when you were featured in the Milwaukee newspaper. Great to hear from you in person!
      I am now mostly in the medical arts, and trust me, Naturopathic prescribing and homeopathy are art forms.
      In addition, decorating my home and making clothes are the other ways my art education comes out these days.
      Not to mention writing – I am about to publish a book! And witness all the blogs on the website.
      I hope you are also well and happy.
      In health,
      Dr. Cheryl

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