Ground Hog Day — 3 Comments

  1. Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf-I loved your ‘take’ on Ground Hog Day especially since Sam and i saw the play GROUND HOG DAY in New York City last March. It was an English version of the early film Ground Hog Day and it was so funny we nearly fell off our seats. Our friend Gerry invites us to use his apartment overlooking Central Park from the 6th floor
    every March when he and Ruth go to Sarasota,Florida.
    So I am practicing wearing waterproof low boots and tall leather black boots in the house to see which my feet like better because we walk and take the subway EVERYWHERE in Manhattan.
    Our flight leaves March 1st for this year’s trip; Our son and his wife and their three children are all CRAZY about theater and three of them actually get paid for Broadway theater work backstage with sets,lighting and sound. Two belong to the Stagehands Union. And two are still happily volunteering in community theater. We’ll see Avenue Q again because of them but it will be fun. I like your glamorous transformation.too. Best of all is the larger idea of TRANSFORMATION in the universe. Sally Braun

  2. Every morning when I open my eyes the first thing I see is an ancient cottonwood tree who lives across the street. She is my sentinel of the seasons. As the sun touches her now she smiles the first greens of spring. Standing tall and scarred my friend is a reminder not only of change and renewal but of strength and steadfastness on the journey. I am
    grateful and comforted encouraged by her presence.

  3. Enjoyed you acknowledging the transformative powers of the eclispes in this blog post. All of nature plays a role in who we are and how we evolve. Thank you!

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