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  • What is it that concerns you about your health?
  • How would you picture your life if you had more energy?
  • Or simply getting relief from the aggravating symptoms that are slowing you down?
  • Could you handle your daily stresses more successfully then?
  • How would that affect your relationships?
  • And your job performance and satisfaction?
  • Would you like to get up from my table after bodywork with a smile because your nagging pain is gone?


What is different about how I approach health is that I have the perspective and tools to restore body functions, instead of trying to compensate with a drug or surgery. My patients are excited when they get better digestion and elimination, and can discontinue aids like acid reducers or laxatives. One patient was ecstatic to have the aggravating discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome disappear without surgery, and another to be able to stand up and walk after sitting through a movie, when he had not done that in a long time. Many others have found relief from menopausal symptoms without hormone replacement, while other have chosen that for a time. And they report more energy to do the things they want to in life. For a varied list of success stories, click here.

Sally & CherylMy patients love that I take the time and listen to hear your story. I see you as whole; I see your blueprint of health, and hold that as who you are. I meet you where you are at in your health goals, and open you to the world of possibilities with the natural medicine I use.

Natural medicine turns out to be cost-effective, if you ever doubted it. A published review of studies from 2001 through 2010 shows it to be cost-effective.

The way we are made is amazing – the body has ability to heal itself. Because it is endowed with a vital force that knows the health blueprint, I work with that to restore health. Sometimes it takes removing the obstacles to that natural process and waking it up if it is stalled. What we deal with on a day to day basis can make it difficult to hold the body, mind, and spirit in balance. I accompany you in your journey and teach you about listening to your body, show you how to maintain balance in your daily life and help you participate in life-affirming habits.

Some of the natural medicines and modalities I use are: homeopathic remedies, herbal formulas, dietary supplements, courses of hormone replacement when needed, bodywork, lifestyle changes and meditation. I also am able to test for thyroid function with an in-office test. All are used within the Naturopathic philosophy of restoring function and balance, instead of a drug-like action pushing against or stopping the natural bodily function which creates horrendous side effects. If you want to learn more, read below more detailed descriptions.

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Homeopathic Remedies

UndanumbersPeople of all ages can be treated effectively with homeopathy. When acute illness arises, like an infection or injury, precisely selected homeopathic remedies will speed healing and avoid complications or worsening of the condition. In more long-term conditions, select homeopathic remedies can be alternated or combined in time-tested ways to restore the function of the body on deep levels. With continued treatment, month after month, all systems can be cleared out and balanced, so the healing inner force can restore function. In diseases that are far progressed, homeopathy may be helpful for physical and psychological support, like lessening the pain and shifting to a brighter outlook on life. In addition, there are surgery recovery programs that speed healing and minimize the physical trauma of surgery.

The Principle

Homeopathy is based on a pharmacological law, the “Law of Similars.” It follows observations in nature and is different from the notion of opposing or killing invading illness. Curing by similars is ancient, and was formalized by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Dr. Hahnemann tested the principle and established it as the cornerstone of a system of medicine he named homeopathy. He stated: “Any substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person when given in full-strength form will cure a sick person with the same symptoms when given in a very diluted, minute form.”

As an example, coffee drunk before bed will generally cause a sleepless night in a healthy person, however it may be used to treat someone suffering from insomnia when given in a small, homeopathic dose. This is different from artificially inducing sleep with a sedative drug.

The way that the homeopathic preparation, called a remedy, treats the insomnia is by touching the source of the illness, not just the symptoms. That source is called the vital force and is that element that distinguishes a living creature from that which is dead. Once the vital force is affected by the homeopathic remedy, the natural forces within take over to heal the physical body and mind.

The Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in the vegetable, animal, and mineral kingdoms of nature. They are one step removed from their origins by a process called potentization, which allow them to affect the vital force. A potentized remedy does not contain sufficient matter to act directly on the tissues, minimizing the side effects and maximizing the beneficial effects. The effectiveness of a remedy depends on its ability to provoke a reaction in the body, not on the quantity of the medicine taken. Each remedy is prepared according to precise manufacturing processes and rigorous testing. Substances extracted in alcohol or crushed into a fine powder are then successively diluted alternating with succussion (shaking) until the final form is reached. The most convenient forms available are on pellets or in drops . These remedies are prescribed in specific ways, matched to the unique symptoms the patient is presenting.

Herbal Formulas

ElderberryPlant medicine is as old as humanity. Modern scientific research and understanding of the workings of the human body bear out its usefulness. A lot of pharmaceutical drugs are patterned after herbal actions on the body. Plants processed properly and used in their whole form have the ability to affect a patient on many levels. They modulate body processes to assist natural healing to come forward and restore function. Naturopathic guidelines show us how to use them to do this instead of using them for their drug-like action. In other words, herbs are not used to replace aspirin, cholesterol-lowering drugs, antibiotics or diabetes drugs, although they may have a similar effect. They are used to support cellular and organ function, in order to restore it.


Bud Horse Chestnut - GemmotherapyA branch of plant medicines that use the buds or young shoots of plants is called Gemmotherapy. This is a super-active type of plant medicine, the powerful effect coming from the growth hormone of the fresh germinating parts of plants, called Gibberlin. Because it is a more active medication there is no need whatsoever to prescribe large doses. It has the power of cleansing the cells by draining away toxic metabolic waste products such as mucus, broken down metabolites, dead cells from the defense system, auto-immune complexes and antibodies that are choking cells to a near death stranglehold.

Beyond that, Gemmotherapy remedies build up the function of organs, but with a power more than 100 times of different plant parts. Since specific plants have affinity for particular organs or tissues of the body, the type of Gemmotherapy plant selected will support that organ or tissue it has affinity for in regeneration through the plant hormones.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary SupplementsI know that people do their best but truly don’t know much about the inner working of the body. I believe in informed intuition, that the inner doctor is giving signals as to what is out of balance, but without useful information, those signals can be misinterpreted. It is easy to be mislead by the popular media and advertising about what a person needs. You can go to a health food store and buy the supplements indicated in a natural handbook, but who decided what condition your have? There is no guarantee supplements will produce the desired effect. Not only are they widely varied in quality at the health food store, also dose recommendations on bottles tend to be standardized, not necessarily what a particular person needs.

That can mean hundreds of dollar down the drain. That is where my medical training of how the body works and assessing where a patient needs support is valuable. I can help you save lots of money because I am able to assess exactly what your condition is and individualize a treatment plan that is right for you, so you will know your supplements are working for your greater health. And, in some cases, supplements may not even be the first line of treatment.

Dietary supplements are useful when it is hard to get certain nutrients in the proper amounts in the diet, like omega-3 fatty acids. They are also helpful as a course of treatment to shift a physiological process, like winding back up a neurotransmitter pathway to support brain function and balance mood. I often combine them with herbs when supporting a certain organ system, like the pancreas to balance blood sugar. Again, dietary supplements have been promoted as replacements for drugs, and that is dangerous because it is never that simple, and that model of treatment does nothing for restoring function.

Hormone Treatments

When a hormone-making gland has been damaged and cannot be returned to function, then modern medicine comes in handy to replace the missing hormone. My aim is to help people before they get to this point, but many do not get help until after a gland is damaged or gone due to surgery. This is often the case when I prescribe thyroid hormones. Sometimes, in the course of treatment, I may use prescription hormones to support the function of the body while we are resting and repairing a gland. In as many cases as possible, I will provide treatment to restore a gland’s function.

Because thyroid issues can be complex, there is no one best medication when I prescribe thyroid hormones. I do dispense Naturethroid out of my office, and that is appropriate for a large proportion of those needing thyroid hormones. Some people do better on other formulations, so I individualize these prescriptions.

EllenMenopause is a special time in a woman’s life. It is natural that the levels of female hormones decrease, but if she is healthy before menopause, the adrenals make enough of the precursors which the body converts into this lower level of female hormones. The women who come to me with menopausal symptoms were not able to make that smooth transition, so my main treatment goal is to make the adrenals healthy while balancing the female hormones. I often use herbs, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies to do that. I discuss all choices with you as the patient, and will prescribe bio-identical hormones when desired to restore levels to a point where symptoms are alleviated.

Since menopause is a time when a woman leaves behind the child bearing and rearing years, and has the opportunity to focus on more spiritual pursuits, her hormones align with this shift. The relatively lower levels of hormones allow more open access to spiritual realms. To replace hormones at levels enjoyed during childbearing years would stop this openness, so I am careful about the amounts prescribed when this is the choice.

I always prescribe bio-identical hormones, because the side effects of other prescription hormones are unacceptable. Bio-identical hormones improve the quality of life, but non-identical hormones will predispose to cancer and heart disease, including heart attacks.

Bowen Bodywork

Being gentle and noninvasive, Bowen bodywork is suited to all from babies to the elderly to athletes.

It is completely safe, consisting of gentle rolling movements over muscles and can be performed through clothing. These movements of the bodywork activate a response in the whole body so powerful that a few minutes pause is observed to allow them to be integrated. A pattern of movements and pauses continues throughout the treatment. The body becomes energized as nerve and muscle tissue relax and fascia adhesions dissolve. The body’s circulation increases and toxins are released and eliminated. Most conditions are relieved in a minimal number of treatments.

As a unique form of neuromuscular repatterning, Bowen bodywork works through the nervous system to affect muscles. It is neither derived from nor similar to any other physical modality.

Yet, we see results such as misalignments of the bones becoming aligned, muscle tensions relieved, and lymphatic flow restored. Nearly everyone who has had Bowen bodywork reports a pleasant, relaxed state, and a deep sense of well-being and ease.

I have used Bowen bodywork to help people with:

  • Back pain and spasms
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Digestive problems
  • Ear infections and sinusitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson’s tremors and stiffness
  • Knee, ankle, and foot problems
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder problems
  • Asthma and breathing problems
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger, hand problems
  • Restoring circulation and range of motion after injury
  • Nervous system overload from stress

Ask about Bowen pre-paid packages and Bowen with a Buddy


Lifestyle Changes

Day to day life can make it difficult to hold the body, mind, and spirit in balance. But by establishing healthy routines, not only is balance more likely, but healing is facilitated. I look at your sleep and rest patterns because that is the time the body takes to regenerate. What you eat and when you eat it can profoundly affect your ability to function during the day as well as long term health. Enjoyable activity done regularly is essential to health. Habits of breathing as well as mental and emotional habits all contribute to well-being. Together we look at how you navigate through the world and establish your life patterns to make sure they are supporting your greatest health. In addition, some new routines such a warming socks, meditation or doing castor oil packs may be recommended.

Simple & Effective Meditation

        • Are you dissatisfied with your life, asking yourself “why?”
        • Tired of trying things that are hard to implement and don’t work?
        • Looking for a down-to-earth approach for meditation?
        • Would you like to experience the Silence within but say your mind is always too busy?

I can teach you precise tools from an ancient tradition to move your life from the “why?” to “WOW!”.

These effortless reliable techniques called the Ishayas’ Ascension have been handed down through the ages. They are compatible with all religions and belief systems. I have never encountered a system that is more simple and effective. Learning it changed my life, even more than attending Naturopathic Medical school. I am so impressed that I took 6 months out of my practice to become qualified to teach these techniques.

The basic techniques are taught in a 15 hour class over a weekend or 4 evenings. The experience is of deep rest in which the body can heal, and more alertness during the waking day. True health flows when the mind is calm and life is balanced.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • improves your relationships
  • naturally improves your quality of sleep
  • quickly decreases and eliminates your stress
  • optimizes your usage of time to create more efficiency
  • worldwide network of courses, communities, and connections
  • free repeats of the course teaching the basic techniques

More information is at the website

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In-Office Thyroid Test

Are you tired without a cause?
On thyroid medication?

The ThyroflexTM thyroid test is the first line for people who are tired with no cause or on thyroid medication. I have helped people with “normal” thyroid blood tests and still are tired, cold, dragging, with dry skin, hair falling out, and constipation. This test validated their low thyroid status and provides a guideline for treatment.

Thyroflex testThe speed of a reflex in your arm is measured for this test. Then a computer analysis of the measurement is correlated with thyroid function. This means we find out if enough thyroid hormone is reaching your cells to get things going in your body.

No needles, no blood, no waiting, and only $55 for complete peace of mind!

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