Tired without a cause?

Suspect thyroid?

On thyroid medication?

Thyroflex Thyroid TestThyroflex test


A  precise & easy measurement 
of your thyroid function


 Are you feeling this more than usual?

More tired and sluggish?
Drier skin and hair?
Sleep more?
Weaker muscles?
Colder than others?
More muscle cramps?
Poorer memory?
More depressed?
Slower thinking?
Puffy eyes?
Math more difficult?
Hoarser or deeper voice?
Constipated more often?
Coarser hair?
Puffy hands and feet?
Unsteady gait?
Gain weight easily?
Thinning outer third of the eyebrow?
More irregular menses?
Heavier menses?

 . . . . . . . . you may be subclinically Hypothyroid!

Are you one of the 30% of the U.S. population that has thyroid dysfunction?

Dr. Kasdorf can determine your thyroid function with this easy, non-invasive clinically proven test. The results are available immediately, and there are no needles, no blood. It has been clinically proven, monitoring over 60,000 patients who, after treatment, regained their energy, hair and skin moisture, lost weight, and decreased their need for sleep.

The Thyroflex test measures what effect thyroid hormone is having on your cells and tissues, both from what your body is making and from thyroid medication you are taking.

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$55 for the Thyroflex test with immediate results (no treatment included)

After our first session, it was clear that my fatigue, joint pain and overall discomfort was due to hypothyroidism – this was confirmed by the ThyroFlex test which she did in her office.

Within a few months of treatment I noticed more energy.

During my periodic check-ins over the next two years as she intently listened to me and my complaints and made adjustments in my supplements, I continued to feel stronger and pain free.  

– Jenny R

Risks Associated with Subclinical Hypothyroid

Cardiovascular risk indicators

  • increased blood fats
  • increased homocysteine
  • increased CRP
  • hypertension
  • peripheral artery disease

 Arthritis & Inflammation

Diabetes and insulin resistance

Nerve damage and dysfunction

  • weakness and stiffness
  • carpal tunnel
  • hearing loss
  • cognitive decline
  • anxiety
  • depression


  • fertility issues
  • premature delivery

Test & report $55Thyroflex Thyroid Test

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