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I am proud to introduce these essential products for every medicine cabinet. They are distributed by Seroyal, a company trusted by Health Care Professionals like me. They are available from npscript, a convenient way to order online or by telephone. 

They are reliable for delivering optimal health because they are formulated to support your body’s processes, not suppress them. In addition, Seroyal ensures product excellence through research and development and commitment to stringent Quality Assurance.

How to Order

Order all the remedies you need to fill you medicine chest, because there is free shipping on orders of $50 and more. 

To order from, on the home page enter practitioner code 6499234 on the New Patients side.

Then set up your account and you can use the link next to the product to find it, order it, and then get it delivered directly to your doorstep!

Choose Your Remedy by Condition


Cholesterol too high or too low (Cholesterinum plex)

Detoxification of Liver, Kidney, Lymphatic & Intestines (Chelidonium Plex)

Diarrhea, loose stools (Probiotics)

Gall Bladder pain & spasms (Carduus Plex)

Gas, bloating, indigestion (Kalium carbonicum plex)

Liver & Gall Bladder support (Carduus plex)

Overindulgence in food, alcohol, smoking (Chelidonium plex)


Balancing (EFA)

Menopausal-related symptoms including hot flashes and heart palpitations (Sepia plex)

PMS: breast tenderness, irritability, headaches, tension the week before the menstrual period (Cimicifuga plex)


Flu & colds, prevention and treatment (Muco coccinum)

Flu with fever and fatigue (Febriplex, Muco coccinum)

Immune weakness: colds, flu, recurring lung infections, bladder infections (Echinisyr, Probiotics)

Muscles / Joints / Bones

Bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament healing (Medullosseinum Plex)

Bruises, strains, muscle overexertion (Arnica creampharMAX relief)

Joint pain from arthritis and bursitis (Juncturinum plex) (pharMAX rebuild)

Muscle pain, cramps (Rosmarinus Cream, pharMAX relief)

Muscle relaxation (Magnelevures)

Nerve pain relief, sciatica (Rosmarinus cream, pharMAX nerve)

Rheumatism, including muscle and joint weakness, stiffness, fatigue (pharMAX fibro)

Sprains, strains, dislocations (Juncturinum plex, Rosmarinus Cream, pharMAX relief)

Trauma to joints & surrounding tissues (Juncturinum plex, pharMAX relief )

Nervous system

Diabetic nerve pain (pharMAX nerve)

Hyperactivity in children (Acid phosphoricum plex)

Insomnia due to nervousness (Passiflora plex)

Jet lag (Unda 228)

Mental fatigue (Acid phosporicum plex)

Nervousness (Passiflora plex)

Shingles pain (pharMAX nerve)

Tonifying for all conditions (EFA)


Allergy symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, nose congestion, watery eyes, hoarseness, throat irritation (Allergiplex)

Asthma, bronchial (Lobelia Plex)

Common cold: runny nose, nose congestion, congested airways (Allium Cepa plex)

Cough with mucus production (Allium Cepa plex, Drosera Cough Syrup)

Cough, dry, spasmodic (Drosera Cough Syrup, Drosera Plex drops)

Fever: relieve symptoms while supporting the body’s natural process (Febriplex)

Hay fever (Allergiplex)

Laryngitis (Angiplex)

Sinus infection (Pyrogenium Plex)

Sore throat: with cold or post-nasal drip (Angiplex)


Disinfectant, topical (Calendula Cream, Solvarome)

Eczema (Unda 270 Ointment)

Infections: scabies and fungal (Cicatrisan cream) (Probiotics)

Injured skin: scratches, cuts, insect bites, sunburn (Solvarome, pharMAX heal)

Irritated skin (Calendula cream, Cicatrisane Cream, pharMAX heal)

Minor burns (Calendula Cream, Cicatrisan Cream, pharMAX heal)

Rashes from infection: measles, herpes, chicken pox, scabies (Solvarome)

Trauma to skin and underlying tissues (Arnica cream)

Warts (Anti-Wart Drops, Cheliderm Cream)

Wound healing, irritated from antibiotic cream (Cicatrisane Cream, pharMAX heal)

Wound healing, closed-skin: (Arnica cream, Unda 270 Ointment, pharMAX heal)

Wound healing, cuts, scrapes (Calendula Cream, Cicatrisane Cream, pharMAX heal)


Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal itching (Paeonia Plex, Proctosan cream)

Varicose veins (Paeonia Plex, pharMAX varicose)


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