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Available from the Office of Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf, ND

Natural Action Water

  • Great for hydrating the body by letting water easily absorb into each cell
  • Adds vital energy to drinking water, when bathing and washing, and to plants when you water them.


  • Delivers at least 78 minerals, amino acids, oxygen, and hydrogen directly to each cell of the body, to revitalize the body.
  • Breaks the surface tension of water to better hydrate, and better bring nutrients into each cell.
  • It is a first simple step to better health and just may revolutionize your wellness program.

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Arnica First Aid Series

  • Great for preventing and treating bruises
  • For soreness after overexertion
  • The best beginning treatment after traumatic injuries, both physical and emotional
  • 7 vials of different potencies of Arnica homeopathic
  • Bright zippered carrying case

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Amino Acid Quicksorb drops

  • Helps alleviate and prevent the spacyness and gotta-eat of a blood sugar drop between meals
  • Great for athletes who need an immediate easily absorbed protein source
  • A help to get back to sleep when awaking at night

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HMF- Human Micro Flora Probiotics

  • Dr. Kasdorf’s choice of probiotic
  • Because it is human bio-identical, it attaches to the lining and stays around longer in the gut, allowing it to be more effective.
  • Formulated with strains that have proven effects in numerous medical studies.
  • Restore flora after antibiotics, balance the immune system to help alleviate allergies, generate nutrients in the gut, and help detoxify with probiotics.
  • Stringent quality tests assure you the specific strains of probiotic listed on the label says, and they are guaranteed to be alive.

Because the micro flora is heat sensitive, please call for pick up in the office.




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