Arnica First Aid Series


The first line homeopathic treatment
after hard physical labor,
shocking injuries of any kind. 

head injuries,
after surgery,
even broken bones.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

General indications – as listed in the homeopathic materia medica:

  • feeling of being bruised, sore, or lame
  • does not want to be touched, will pull away if you reach out to touch them
  • say they are fine, but you know they are not able to realize how they feel because of shock
  • extremely sensitive to the least amount of pain
  • whole body overly sensitive to everything
  • worse from being jarred, touched, movement, or resting
  • restless, cannot find a position in which they are comfortable
  • everything is too hard – the bed, the chair, the ground
  • better lying down, stretched out
  • skin turns black and blue
  • dizziness especially when closing the eyes
  • the world spins around them – vertigo
  • body cold with hot head
  • nosebleeds from washing the face, coughing, or from trauma
  • blunt trauma to the eye

Note: if the injury is severe, react immediately with standard first aid ABCs: airway, breathing, circulation and so on. Then use the remedies while waiting for 911 help or on the way to the emergency room.

My Stories

I have seen Arnica pink up a man’s ashen face when coming out of surgery.

This series of Arnica homeopathic remedies has turned an old man whining from the pain of a broken wrist to not feeling the pain and going ahead with a task before taking care of the broken bone.

This use of Arnica brought long-term mental focus to a woman who just fell down and felt just like before when she had a concussion.

It relieved the aches and pains of a day’s overwork.

I saw it give the feeling like nothing happened the day after a fall, where she could hardly move and worried about bruised or broken ribs.

How to take the remedies

If conscious, let the pellets dissolve under the tongue.

If the injury is recent, take the ascending potencies in order, one dose every 20 to 30 minutes. This means, take Arnica 5ch first, then wait and observe what happens. Proceed to Arnica 7ch 20 to 30 minutes later, depending on response. Continue up the scale for all 6 potencies.

The follow-up Arnica 200K take just once to 3 times a day.

Always respond to symptoms in taking this remedy – when there are no symptoms, stop taking the remedy. When aching, for example, comes back, take another dose. When there is no aching, no remedy is needed. In many cases, like after surgery, Arnica can effectively be used for controlling or lessening pain.

If semi-conscious or unconscious, in conjunction with emergency help, dissolve the pellet in a little water and rub on the wrist or other accessible thin skin area. Pets may have the water with the remedy dissolve in it rubbed into the ear flap.

Hint: to avoid fumbling with the vials in an emergency, put 7 pellets each in little coin envelopes, mark them as to remedy and potency, and clip them together and carry them with you in a purse or backpack. Then you simply tear open the envelope and pop the pellets under your tongue to dissolve them and get the benefit immediately.

If you want to treat an injury any later than the day it happened, take the remedies more spread out in time. They even may be taken twice a day over 3 days. But the best response is to treat immediately – often the injury is reversed immediately or by the next day.

Get your Arnica First Aid Series to have on hand to make life a lot less painful!

Contains one vial each containing 140 granules of the homeopathic remedies:

  • Arnica 5ch
  • Arnica 7ch
  • Arnica 9ch
  • Arnica 12ch
  • Arnica 15ch
  • Arnica 30ch
  • Arnica 200K (2 vials)
And a carrying case, design may vary.
 $72 plus tax
Available in the office of Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf – call 928-649-9234
Also available through NP Script:
New patient code: 6499234
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