Tired of the chatter in your mind?
Riding the emotional roller coaster of life?
“Worrying” a problem, sometimes all night?
Despite doing a lot, always coming up short?

Re-hashing conversations for a different result? 
Have emptiness inside that nothing can fill it up?

Looking for a down-to-earth approach for stress relief?

Move your life from “why?” to “WOW!”

Ascension-Meditation Class
Weekend class in Cottonwood, AZ

Friday, October 27, 6 – 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday Oct 28 – 29, 10 am – 4 pm
call to register at 928-649-9234 or email

investment: $400, make a deposit to hold your spot

The average person thinks 70,000 thoughts everyday! Most of these thoughts are rehashing the past or anticipating the future. They take us out of the present moment and have a negative impact on the body.

Yet, there is a place inside we all know that is Silent and Still, in the present moment. It is our True Nature.

The Ishayas of The Bright Path offer meditation techniques to easily, effortlessly access this Stillness and reduce or eliminate stress in life.

These reliable techniques have been handed down through the ages. They are compatible with all religions and belief systems.

My experience

I have never encountered a system that is more simple and effective. Learning it changed my life, even more than attending Naturopathic Medical school. I am so impressed that I took 6 months out of my practice to become qualified to teach these techniques.

The basic techniques are taught in a 15 hour class over a weekend or 4 evenings.

The experience is of deep rest in which the body can heal, and more alertness during the waking day.
True health flows when the mind is calm and life is balanced.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • improves your relationships
  • naturally improves your quality of sleep
  • quickly decreases and eliminates your stress
  • optimizes your usage of time to create more efficiency
  • worldwide network of courses, communities, and connections
  • free repeats of the course teaching the basic techniques


Join us!

Freedom is simple, but if you listen to the voices, then you are saying, “I’m not ready yet.  
I’m not done suffering.”
At some point you say, “I’m done.  I don’t want that anymore.”
Focus on what you want.  When you are stressed, you are focusing on what you don’t want.   Allow everything to come to you today.  Allow everything to come to you tomorrow.  
You’re not in control.                                                                – MKI

More information is at the website www.thebrightpath.com

Class lists at www.thebrightpath.com/courses

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